Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Is that a salad in your carry-on bag or are you just looking for a sweet deal?

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Traveling, whether for work or pleasure, can be a trying experience on your diet. From attempting to make healthy choices while in airports to ensuring you get all of your vegetables in. One of the easiest ways to eat healthy and get in your veggies is to have a salad. But this isn't always the easiest to pack when you are attempting to save space.

Thus I introduce to you, my salad bag:

This is an easy and inexpensive meal to put together in a hotel room and to travel with. Buy a bag of baby mixed greens, some precooked turkey or chicken, and some cheese (the bag above includes precooked turkey from the Whole Foods hot bar and some almond pepperjack cheese that I cubed with a plastic knife). I also use a snack size bag for salsa which serves as a great low calorie dressing. Packing it in a separate bag allows you to put it in your "travel liquids" bag if you are taking the salad through airport security.

Finally, I always carry Garlic Gold with me when I travel. Frequent readers have heard that I use it on popcorn, potatoes, chicken, and even salad! This low-calorie add-on gives my salad-in-a-bag an extra pop!

I wanted to tell you all about my salad on National Garlic Day (yesterday) but I was too busy enjoying it on my flight back to California from our nation's capital. Luckily, the fine folks at Garlic Gold have offered up a special discount that lasts ALL WEEK when you hit up the Uncovering Food OpenSky Shop!

Here are the details:

Garlic Gold 4 Pack Sampler
Date: Monday, April 19th -Friday, April 23rd.
Retail Price: $21
Promotion: $20% OFF
Promotional Price: $16.80
Coupon Code: GarlicGold

I know I am stocking up this week before I hit the road again for the next tournament. Gotta keep livening up my greens!


Carolyn Jung said...

That is a fantastic idea, especially because airline/airport food is overpriced and mostly horrible in taste. I bet you make all the other folks on the plane super envious.

Anonymous said...

A terrific way to save calories and money when traveling!


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