Thursday, December 29, 2011

Whole Foods Coupon Match-ups (12/29)

I spent some time this morning sorting through my coupon folder to figure out which of my coupons would be expiring soon (a lot of manufacturer coupons expire on the 31st!). Since I have some downtime during my holiday break, I decided I would hit up Whole Foods for some things I needed and play coupon fairy... leaving coupons by products I wasn't buying in case someone out there was!

While many of the coupons I used today could potentially be found online, most were older coupons. I haven't printed any in the last couple weeks and some of these came from the Healthy Clippings flyer that was at a natural products shop near me (it's a nationally distributed coupon magazine so keep your eyes peeled!). I preface this post with this note, in case you can't find these coupons today, you will know why.

Before heading in, I grabbed two Whole Deal coupon books at the front of the store. Remember the month is almost over but the coupons are good through the end of January! Finally, I want to include the reminder that sales vary by store and you should bring a copy of the coupon policy for your store with you when shopping.

Arrowhead Baking Mixes were on sale for $3.19 (the GF mixes were also on sale but were just a little more). Using the Whole Deal $1 store coupon PLUS a manufacturer coupon for $1 found inside of Delicious Living (a free Penton Publication also available at the front of the store!) -- I spent $1.19 for Arrowhead Mills Kamut Pancake & Waffle Mix.

There have been a lot of coupons online and in magazines for Crunchmaster crackers (including on their Web site). I don't often buy crackers but I like to keep a package or two around for gatherings (make your own hummus!) or days when I want something crunchy with my soup. Whole Foods had them on sale for $2.79. Using my $1 coupon, I paid only $1.79 for Crunchmaster Sea Salt Crackers.

I had some manufacturer coupons for Seventh Generation products from previous purchases. It pays to file away coupons. Whole Foods has Seventh Generation dish soap on sale for $2.29. Using my $1 off manufacturer coupons, I got two large bottles of Seventh Generation dish soap for only $1.29 each.

Walking through the soup aisle, I spotted Imagine broths with peel-off coupons! $1.50 off two containers! The Whole Deal also had $1.00 off one Imagine product. I picked up two vegetable broth containers for $4.38 total. Subtract $3.50 in coupons and I got two Imagine Vegetable Broth containers for only $0.88 or $0.44 each!

If you like to use cooking sprays, Spectrum cooking sprays are all on sale. And the Whole Deal has a $1.00 off coupon to boot! I picked up a canister of Grapeseed Oil Spray which is normally $6.99 and was on sale for $4.99. Using the Whole Deal coupon, I picked up the canister of Spectrum Grapeseed Oil Spray for $3.99!

Rounding out the sales today, Traditional Medicinals teas are on sale for $4.49. I had a coupon from the Healthy Clippings book for $1.00 off which meant I could pick up a box of Traditional Medicinals Breathe Easy tea for only $3.49.

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Mo Diva said...

Here in NY Whole Foods does not accept coupons. Aint it sad?


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