Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Whole Foods Coupon Finds (12/21)

The Whole Deal for November/December has coupons that don't expire until January 31, however word on the street is that they will replace these books come the beginning of January. So you might want to grab a couple books if there are things you use often.

Speaking of the Whole Deal, WF also has a monthly publication filled with articles and recipes. This month, there is also a manufacturer coupon in it for $1.00 off Sunspire baking chips. Whole Deal has a store coupon for $1.00 off Sunspire baking chips. My local WF had grain-sweetened dark chocolate baking chips on sale for $3.79. After applying the manufacturer and store coupons, it brought the price down to $1.79!

MamboSprouts still has some great coupons that you should print if you haven't checked them out yet. For example, the $1.00 off 3 Cliff bars is a great coupon to use at WF where the bars are normally $0.99 each (and they still have all of the holiday flavors!) so the bars ends up being about $0.66 each. A great price for an on-the-go breakfast.

Whole Foods also has Fig Food soups for sale for $3.00 each. MamboSprouts has a $1.00 off 3 Fig Food soups. They are still relatively expensive compared to making your own, however these organic ready-made soups are great to keep around in the office or pantry for a healthy quick meal. After the coupon, they end up being about $2.67 each.

About a week ago, I mentioned the non-dairy "Dream" beverage coupon in Whole Deal for $1.00 off a product. Well this week, my local WF had unsweetened vanilla Almond Dream on sale 2 for $2.67 which made the two containers only $0.67 total or less than $0.34 each!!!!

If you are a gluten-free oats fan, WF has Arrowhead Mills GF Steel Cut Oats on sale for $3.99 which if you use the manufacturer coupon for $1.00 makes them only $2.99. I didn't try to use the store coupon because it said Arrowhead baking only and I don't think this qualified, but you could ask!


If you are a fan of supporting local businesses and also scoring some killer organic food coupons, I encourage you to look around your local healthy living store for Chinook Books. Heck, even if there isn't a book for your area, you may still want to pick one up. The entire back portion of the book includes organic and healthy food manufacturer coupons. I have already saved the cost of the book in food products and may be mentioning these coupons in upcoming posts.

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