Friday, November 5, 2010

CSA Box: Tomatoes, Corn, Celeriac, Pumpkin, Beans. Bok Choy, Arugula, and Herbs

What a gorgeous bowl of fresh veg straight from the farm. Since I am at yet another tournament (really? me at a debate tournament?), this post will be short but full of flavor!

In the CSA delivery:
* Italian Flat Beans
* Dragon's Tounge Beans
* Celeriac
* Sugar Dots Corn
* Mixed bundle of fresh parsley and chives
* Arugula (not pictured)
* Pac Choi (Bok Choy)
* Sugar Pie Pumpkin (not pictured)
* Heirloom Tomatoes

I was only home for about 24 hours  after picking up this CSA delivery, before I headed off on my travels, so the first thing I did was toss the parsley into the dehydrator. Can't wait to use it later! I stored the pumpkin to enjoy upon returning home, where I then roasted it with the sage olive oil from previous weeks along with some salt, pepper, and diced onion. While I enjoyed some of the pumpkin fresh roasted, I also used it to make black bean and pumpkin burritos (just mash the pumpkin and beans, add some chili powder and a dash of hot sauce) which are now in my freezer.

The celeriac was enjoyed fresh the day of delivery chopped with a squeeze of lime while I prepped everything else. Well except one ear of corn which was also enjoyed fresh from the basket. The other ear of corn was roasted without anything added and enjoyed that evening for dinner. I sautéed the stems of the bok choy with a little bit or garlic and ginger and then tossed in the leaves. This was served over fresh brown rice with the corn as my side dish. A starchier meal than normal, but so full of fresh flavors!

I sliced the tomatoes in a thick cut and slow roasted them with a sprinkle of natural sugar on top. One tomato was served with a black bean burger for breakfast. The other became my airport snack in sandwich form. The beans, chives & arugula were stored until I returned and then were diced and added to a miso soup. They added a different texture and fullness to this soupy staple.

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