Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Coming Back!

I love cooking. I love eating. And I love sharing those fabulous food finds and new recipe ideas with you.

However, I am also a full time teacher and debate coach who found herself overwhelmed. Our program numbers skyrocketed this year and that has resulted in lots of groundwork that needed to be laid with our first years. I also have a larger number of competitive older students which means extra travel and coaching. Finally, I am in training for my second half marathon (check out the saga that was the first over at Uncovering Me) which has taken up a fair amount of my free time.

So I have dined out, ordered in, ate frozen food and threw together old favorites. Which meant I didn't have much inspiration to draw from. I began to feel as if I were going to come back and blog, I would need to take an all or nothing approach. Which meant as long as I lacked time, it would be nothing.

I'd like to thank a number of folks who have convinced me that as long as you are consistent, you are successful. Applying this to Uncovering Food, I have changed the publication schedule to one I can manage. I will be publishing twice a week and will also be expanding the scope of Uncovering Food to include dining out tips (as I have been discovering this through my travels). Finally, if you follow Uncovering Food on Twitter, keep an eye out for this foodie to be hitting a city near you. I would love to check out your favorite healthy restaurants and share them with the readers of Uncovering Food!

Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and hearing all about your favorite healthy foodie finds!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your upcoming updates!

Mom on the Run said...

I totally hear you on this one!

I just started posting again as well.

Lauren said...

so glad you're back!!

The Healthy Apple said...

Good for you darling!!! I completely agree with do a fabulous job of blogging but we all need a healthy balance in life...keep up the great work and have a happy Thursday!




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