Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May Mystery Box Results & June's Ingredients!

This month must have been crazy for everyone! When my students picked out cheese, chocolate and chilies as the three ingredients, I had dozens of ideas flash through my mind. When it came down to crunch time, I ended up making a delicious (and super easy) popcorn snack! I will get to it in one moment, but first to announce the only entry (I know she scared everyone off with her fabulousness!).

Lauren over at Healthy Delicious made Mexican Cannolis with Homemade Ricotta! Her recipe included some tequila to boot! I am dying to try them :-)


Spicy, Sweet, and Salty Popcorn

Make some air popped popcorn (or your favorite method), and drizzle unfiltered olive oil. Grate your favorite chocolate and hard cheese. Sprinkle chili powder and sea salt. Enjoy! (I told you it was easy!)


For June, I hit up my friends! For those of you who had random g-chat messages asking for your favorite fruit in season, the first protein you could think of, or a specific carb... if you didn't respond fast enough, sorry!

The ingredients this month (courtesy of Pam, Erica and Emily): Strawberries, Filet Mignon, Egg Noodles

Yes they are an unusual combination. But for those of you who follow Chopped, what did you expect? For those who want to participate but do not eat filet mignon, tempeh will be the accepted substitute.

I invite you all to join me on this monthly adventure. Each month I will post the mystery box of ingredients. Your job is to create a dish that utilizes all of these ingredients and document the preparation and final product as well as a review of how it turned out. Post a link to your documentation in the comment section of the mystery box post. At the end of the month, all eligible entries will be entered to win a fabulous prize! The contest closes the last day of the month at midnight. While you can use other ingredients from your pantry, the dish must include the mystery ingredients.

The random winner for June will receive a travel snack pack with healthy nutrition bars, homemade blended teas, and an on-the-go beverage container.


1. All of the mystery ingredients must be used in one dish.

2. You may use other ingredients to complete the dish.

3. Post the link to your blog in the comments section of THIS post in order to be counted for the contest by June 30th at midnight.

4. Your entry should have the Mystery Box logo and a link back to this post in order to be eligible.

Good luck and get cooking!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, strawberries, fillet and egg noodles does sound like a very unique combination. Can't wait to see the resulting dishes!

LK- Healthy Delicious said...

your popcorn looks great!
I'll try to get something in for this month, but its one of my busiest months at work so I might not have a ton of time to cook. (boooo). And the egg noodles are throwing me for a loop.

Carolyn Jung said...

Gawd, what a great combo of flavors for popcorn. At first ya think, is she crazy? But when you think about it, hoity-toity chefs are getting all sorts of acclaim for serving ice cream with these similar flavors. Why not spread the love to popcorn, too!

C.G. the Foodie said...

I was actually thinking about ice cream!

LK: The egg noodles are throwing me as well. Ought to be interesting!

Danica's Daily said...

Ok - I did it! My first ever official Mystery Ingredient Contest Entry.

Here is a link to my post. Please let me know if I didn't link right as I am not sure how the whole linking thing works (if this is all you want or if I need to do something else).


Good luck everyone - this was fun!


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