Thursday, April 23, 2009

Debaters Dish: Peeled Snacks, fruit on the road

We are at the California State Championships this weekend, but before the tournament kicks into full swing, I wanted to share an organic, low-calorie product that has been in my carry-on luggage the last two weeks!

When a health conscious person is always on the go, some days it can be hard to get your produce in. While I always attempt to grab some local fruits and vegetables when we get to a location, it can be difficult to travel with a variety of fruit and I believe that variety helps prevent unhealthy eating.

Luckily, there exists in this world a company that dries and packages individual servings of fruits without any added sugar. Peeled Snacks have six different fruits to choose from: Cherry-go-round, pine-4-Pineapple, go-Mango-man-go, Banan-a-peel, Apricot-a-lot & Apple-2-the-core. They also offer variety packs as well as fruit and nut mixes.

While dried fruits are often higher in calories, Peeled Snacks lowered the calories by keeping the added sugars out of the mix. The fruits are all organic and tasty to boot! Every fruit is full of flavor and the servings are big enough to satisfy your cravings for sweetness.

Apples: 110 calories/0 grams of fat/3 grams of fiber/0 grams of protein
Apricots: 110 calories/0 grams of fat/3 grams of fiber/2 grams of protein
Cherries: 130 calories/0 grams of fat/4 grams of fiber/2 grams of protein
Bananas: 150 calories/0.5 grams of fat/2 grams of fiber/1 grams of protein
Mangos: 120 calories/0 grams of fat/2 grams of fiber/2 grams of protein
Pineapple: 140 calories/0 grams of fat/1 grams of fiber/1 grams of protein

This product has been tested by this debate coach as well as my high school students. We all agree that for health conscious travelers, Peeled Snacks is a must have product. Every flavor tastes like real fruit and the texture is perfect.

Right now Peeled Snacks is offering readers a $10 gift card just for going to their site and completing a short survey. Pineapple (one of my two favorites) and Apricot are also on sale for a couple more days. Act quickly to get in on the double savings!


The Blonde Duck said...

Those look really neat! And I love your chicken apple pockets below!

Anonymous said...

These sound great and good luck with the championships!

Jaime and Jen DISH said...

Awesome and best of luck!!!


hsullivan66 said...

those look good, I'm going to try them out!

Zara said...

Yay, I just did the survey. I'm going to use my $10 gift card to try the pineapple one I think! Thanks for the tip :)

Hornsfan said...

Nice feature - I was super involved in Debate in Texas during high school and college and can say with 100% certainty that nothing we ate was this healthy, tasty or close to resembling real food!


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