Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chicken-Brie-Apple Pockets

As a teenager, I was involved in every activity I could be. I would rush off in the morning to school, work on the newspaper through lunch, spend afterschool working on debate, theatre, 4-H, and a number of clubs. Weekends were more school, 4-H and church activities. I was so involved in activities that my mom joked on graduation evening that maybe she would finally see me. I started my new job the next day :-)

But something my mother did during those days wore off on me. She would prepare fresh baked pockets of nutritious goodness that I could grab on the run. It was fast, healthy, and inexpensive. They were such a staple that in college I asked for a bread machine so I could make a similar meal-to-go. Over the years I have tried out different dough recipes, and will admit that somedays I resort to the boxed mix, but the ease and simplicity of these pockets make it a great option for everyone. The recipe I am sharing below is great because it is dairy free and fairly low in calories.

Whole Wheat French Bread Dough (2lb loaf)

1.33 cups warm water
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp sugar
1.5 tsp salt
2.5 cups bread flour
1.5 whole wheat flour
1.5 tsp active dry or bread machine yeast

Load ingredients into bread machine according to manufacturer directions and set on dough setting. When it is done (mine takes about an hour and a half), you are ready for the next step!

Like I mentioned yesterday, I recently had the opportunity to try out Ile De France Brie in cooking up some fabulous recipes. When this company was looking for a blogger who loves brie, they couldn't have picked a better person! Brie is a weakness in my home and usually disappears within a day of crossing through my front door. So I knew I would have to make a dish that would portion the brie out to be enjoyed over time. The Ile De France Brie melted fabulously in the Pumpkin and Brie Panini which meant I just had to use it in a warm treatment to enjoy the gooey earthy goodness.

I paired the brie with grilled chicken that had been seasoned with salt and pepper and grilled. To balance the brie and chicken, I also added Bauman Family Apple Butter. Brie and apples are a fairly common pairing in the wine world and enjoyed on toast with a glass of buttery chardonnay.

Filling for Pockets

12 oz chopped grilled chicken breast sorted into 1oz servings
6 oz Ile De France Brie cubed into 12 .5oz cubes
6 tbsp Bauman's Apple Butter

Divide dough into 12 equal balls. Cover dough when not using to prevent it from drying out. Roll each ball into a flat round circle. In the cent place one cube of brie, 1oz of chicken, and .5tbsp apple butter. Bring the edges of the circle together and seal pocket. Place pinched closure on bottom of pocket and space pockets on a greased cookie sheet. Repeat until all 12 pockets are prepared.

Cover pockets with towel and let rest in a warm place for 30 minutes. In the meantime, preheat oven to 350 degrees. When resting of bread is done, bake in over for 15 minutes or until top of crust is lightly browned.

One pocket: 279 calories/8 grams of fat/1.6 grams of fiber/16.5 grams of protein


Jae Dee said...

OMG. This sounds so good. I don't have a bread maker tho. Want to make me one?

Anonymous said...

Apple and brie are a great combo and I love the idea of the pockets!

LK- Healthy Delicious said...

I'll make you cupcakes if you make me these. deal? ;)

Laura said...

They didn't pick me! I may rival you in love for brie...what gives?

hmph :P

these look great!

Mom on the Run said...

Oh Yum!

I used the brie for a recipe at Easter. I still need to blog about it :)

C.G. the Foodie said...

It's the same bread machine from college too! Jas, come on down sometime and we'll make a bunch for you to take home!

LK I would love to trade! Tonight I am making turkey pepperoni pizza pockets for the boyfriend and chicken-pepperjack-spinach pockets for myself. We are both going to a debate tournament this weekend and could use the healthier portable foor.

hsullivan66 said...

what a great idea!

Do you think these would freeze well? Or would the dough freeze? 12 seems like more than I could go through in a week.

C.G. the Foodie said...

Heather: They never lasted too long at home and in college I just gave them away! I have a batch I will be freezing today though, so I will keep you updated. I think they will be fine but I don't want to confirm before doing it myself!

Carolyn Jung said...

What a fab idea for lunch or snacks. I bet these freeze beautifully, too, so that you can pull one out of the freezer and heat in the toaster oven whenever you get a craving.

Lisa said...

OK, you have just convinced me that I need to own a bread maker and also that I must start following your blog! :)


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