Friday, February 20, 2009

Product Review: Puripan Tea in a Jar

When school is in session, I don't get as much time to cook as I would like. But I do get to try some fabulous foods. I am going to start incorporating product and restaurant reviews in this blog as a continued guide to the best healthy foods I can uncover for my readers.

Today's product is one of my new favorite beverages. Puripan Aloe Vera Tea in a Jar is a product I found while waiting for a wine tasting to start. Being a fan of teas, I wandered into the tea shop and began perusing the loose leaf teas. However, I already had a rather large collection of dried teas that I needed to use before I would allow myself to buy more. I was about to wander out of the shop when the woman behind the counter asked if I had tried fermented teas. I must have looked confused, because she went on to explain the history of fermented teas in Korea, and went on to explain how Puripan made their fermented teas.

I was told that aloe is a natural remedy for stomach troubles. It seemed like perfect timing since I had just gotten over a bug, so I agreed to try a sample of the aloe tea. It was warm, and sweet. But not like a fruit or sugar, but just a sweet aloe. There were pulps of the aloe floating in the tea, which was fun to play with in my mouth as I chewed on the pulp while sipping the tea.

I bought a jar and keep it stored in the fridge. I have a water cooler that dispenses hot water in my apartment, and sometimes I just can't wait for tea to brew. I toss a spoonful of the aloe tea in the bottom of the mug, add some hot water and stir. Sweet, warm and soothing. For only $8.00 you get a jar that makes what seems like a neverending amount of tea. I am sure I will run out eventually, but I will have to go back and buy more! I hear it is great mixed with sparkling water for a low calorie soda.

Nutritional Label says that it makes 35 servings at 40 calories a serving. Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Sugar, Natural Honey, Citric Acid

Ease of Use: Wonderfully easy! Just add hot or cold water and mix!
Value: Cheaper than soda, pricier than tap water!

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