Friday, December 19, 2008

Easy Peasy Chicken "Nuggets"

Have you been watching those McDonald's commercials with the chicken nuggets? I am often left with a craving for some little morsels of protein to dip in delicious BBQ sauce after a commercial break. Thus I developed my own nuggets that will seem so simple you will ask why you haven't done this too! Make sure your BBQ sauce is HFCS free (or make your own!). I use Bullseye sauce when I get the nugget craving!

Chicken breast (yup that is it)

Cut chicken breast into small nugget size pieces. Put in electric steamer basket and steam for 28 minutes.

Seriously. That's it. LOVE them. 3 ounces is 3 points!

I will post a recipe soon for a breaded baked nugget that is not your usual cornflake recipe. I was going to make it today but the electric steamer was just so darn easy I couldn't bring myself to use the stove (plus I was making Red Kuri Squash, recipe forthcoming).

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