Saturday, November 27, 2010

CSA Box: Eggplant, Peppers, Lemongrass, Greens, and Guava!

As it gets darker earlier, I decided to take this week's photos at the farm! Enjoy :o)
Eggplant were washed, pierced with a fork, and roasted until the outside was near black. I then cooled the eggplant and scooped out the middle to make a creamy spread with some roasted garlic.

The peppers were roasted and then added to some beans and rice for a flavorful dinner that doubled up as great lunch leftovers.

I made a syrup with the lemongrass and some fresh ginger and cane sugar. I have been adding the syrup to green tea in the afternoon for a tasty digestive aide.

The arugula braising mix was cooked up with the chard, beans and some quinoa and wrapped in steamed collard greens like burritos.

Kale chips!

A simple salad. Yum!

I just washed and sliced these babies in half and scooped out the middle for sweet desserts :o)

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