Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wrapping up the IFBC experience: Saturday night and Sunday at the International Food Blogger Conference

Just a few closing pictures from Saturday evening and Sunday at the International Food Bloggers Conference held in Seattle, WA from August 27 to 29, 2010.

Secret Sherry Society Pre-Dinner Reception
I have never had the opportunity to experience Sherry paired with foods before. Nor did I realize there were so many different types of Sherry! From a cocktail made with Sherry, Mandarine Napoleon, drops of salt water and a grapefruit peel that was paired with spicy tuna empanadas to the Dios Baco Amontillado Sherry paired with tortilla espanola. This event expanded my Sherry and pairing horizons.
Emilio Lustau "Peninsula" Palo Cortado Sherry with Lamb Meatball
Williams and Humbert "Dry Sack 15" Sweet Old Oloroso Sherry - Croque Monsieur with Manchego and Serrano Ham

Saturday Night Keynote Address
James Oseland was a captivating speaker, telling us about his story but also the stories of his interactions with food bloggers around the globe. He shared what he loved about food blogging and inspired the room. I have read Saveur before but became a subscribe that night!

Keynote Speaker: Saveur Magazine Editor in Chief James Oseland
Saturday Winemakers Dinner
Saturday night dinner was a variety of small plates from amazing Seattle and Sonoma area chefs. Unfortunately it was really dark, so the photographs were difficult to capture. I loved Chef Holly Smith's Wagyu Beef Cheeks with Polenta Stuffed Dog Mountain Squash Blossoms, but alas the lighting did not. Nor was I able to share the images of Chef Ethan Stowell's Beef Carpaccio which was also flavorful. However I was able to share some other images of the evening.

Chef Tamara Murphy's Smashed Chickpeas
Alaskan Sockeye Salmon - Chefs Dana Tough and Brian McCracken
Chef Jeff Mall and Chef Josh Silvers: Jeff's Down Home-Falls Mill Stone Ground Grits with Creamed Collard Greens and Summer Tomato Vinaigrette paired with Josh's Downtown-Saffron Summer Vegetable Stew with Corn Polenta
Autumn Martin's Molten Chocolate Cake with Malted Cream and Salted Caramel Sauce
Sunday Food Truck Lunch with Pike Brewing Company
Lunch on Sunday may have been one of my favorite events. With gourmet food trucks and local brews, it was a fun couple of hours spent in the gorgeous sun. We were also encouraged to capture the event in images and words. The image I entered made the judges laugh and earned an honorable mention. I was stoked :o)

The beer was fabulous and refreshing from Pike Brewing Company
Food bloggers were sent on assignment to capture the event in a single picture.
This is my image of the soup from the Thai truck
One week later, having time to reflect on the weekend, I realized a couple things. One, food bloggers are totally awesome people. Two, I need to blog more. And finally, I should blog what I want because ultimately blogging is a personal activity that contributes to that greater community. I have enjoyed reading other bloggers' posts about the weekend and would encourage anyone looking for more fantastic photographs and stories check out the #IFBC search on Twitter. Blog and eat on my friends!


Ellen said...

Thanks for awarding me Follower of the Month. I love your site - great food ideas and wonderful photos! You make me hungry...

Unknown said...

Great to see more pictures from IFBC. Your photos of the food from Saturday night turned out much better than mine! Thanks for sharing and reminding us that we should blog what we want.

Carolyn Jung said...

What a great time! I'm definitely wishing I had gone. ;)


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