Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Wine"ing for Chocolate

There is something about wine country that makes me crave a rich chocolate dessert. But chocolate and des
sert usually mean a high calorie investment. However when I was down in Paso Robles this past weekend, while dining at the fabulous Farmstand 46, I happened upon a super rich chocolate brownie that I just HAD to tell you about!

The wine brownies made by
Marché Noir foods pack a powerful punch. This 2.2 ounce brownie was rich enough to divide between three people and still satisfy our sweet tooth. Using flour made out of the skins of the grapes, their Web site says "We'll just sneak out the back with the leftovers - "you never saw us 'cause we were never here". But don't think of it as recycling, think of it as rediscovering something of great value that has always been there, right under our noses." The flour is high in iron, fiber, and Res-V as well as antioxidants which means this brownie is probably also pretty good for you :o)

In addition to selling brownies, the company also sells the flour online. I may be checking this out to make some wine cookies for my next party!

Cabernet Brownie: 265 calories/13 grams of fat/4 grams of fiber/3 grams of protein


Mo Diva said...

chocolate and wine... where do i sign up???

and whatever you make...sharing is caring

Anonymous said...

Wow, cabernet brownie! I would certainly love to try this!

Emily said...

Oh! Heavenly bajeeebies!

Seriously. It's a sin not have chocolate with wine. Just saying.

Annmarie Kostyk said...

I've got to say that the brownies sound fabulous! They don't look all that great though. Maybe they should put some dark chocolate in the recipe?

Carolyn Jung said...

Flour made from the skins of grapes? How intriguing is that! I'm definitely going to have to seek out these brownies. ;)

January Asia said...

Wine brownies! How intoxicatingly yummy! Thanks for sharing it with your readers.

We were delighted to be your "Follower of the Month" for this month. It felt so good to see our blog name & link displayed on your blog. Again, thanks for that.

Sorry for not writing sooner. We will e-mail you the mailing address.

We just signed up to follow you on your Twitter.

January Asia & Steven Hui

Anonymous said...

wine and chocolate sound okay to me. nothing can compare to a good, dense brownie


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