Thursday, July 9, 2009

Doug's Burrito Filling

I know it isn't the most appealing picture, but hear me out on this recipe. I am a very lucky girl in that my boyfriend can cook, and attempts to make healthy dishes for me. One of his staples is something he likes to throw together for himself and has since lightened up the recipe so I can enjoy it too! It is simple and filling (and I had it for brekkie this morning!).

He sautes a pound of 93% ground beef in a nonstick pan with a packet of burrito seasoning and then adds a can of fat-free refried beans. That's it! It is so simple but so good. I like to add a generous serving of hot sauce to spice my serving up, but he enjoys it with a little less spice. I enjoy this filling because the flavors come together better then when served seperately as the beans soak up what little fat cooks out of the meat. The beans also stretch out the meat to make more servings for diners on a budget.

He also makes a burrito filling that is vegetarian friendly. Saute up a can of low sodium corn (drained) with a can of black beans (rinsed) and half a packet of the burrito seasoning.

You can pump your burritos up with lettuce, grilled veggies, low fat cheese, salsa and whatever else you can dream up. Both fillings also work great on top of salads.

I was surprised at how simple both of these were and yet so filling and tasty. Sometime the simplest recipes are the ones we forget about but are so satisfying to the taste buds, the stomach, and the pocketbook.

The nutritional information will vary based on the brands you use so check them out. You would be surprised at the difference in calories on two cans of fat free beans! Doug's recipe makes about 10 servings and for our products that meant 129 calories/6.8 grams of fat/10.5 grams of protein/2.1 grams of fiber per serving.


Emily said...


Angie's Recipes said...

Have someone who can cook is quite a luck, esp. when he is willing to try to cook the way you, the burrito looks just like fancy, but real and good.

Angie's Recipes

Mom on the Run said...

This looks great. I am a sucker for burritos!

Carolyn Jung said...

Now, that's a NICE boyfriend! ;)

Anonymous said...

oh, what a great burrito, and so healthy too! How blessed you are to have such a great bf!


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