Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Quick, Inexpensive, Delicious Dinner

My mother made a lot of instant ramen when I was growing up. I realize now that is was because the noodles were cheap and quick to cook. But she would always make sure to add fresh vegetables and protein to the soup in order to bulk it out and stretch it to feed the whole family.

With summer months signaling lots of fresh produce, and also being so hot that you may not want to spend much time in the kitchen, I bring you my version of Mom's soup.

To lighten up the soup a bit, I used udon noodles which are not fried like ramen noodles. Depending on the store, these can be found in the cooler or on the shelf. The package I bought was less than 250 calories for the whole package, and I managed three entree bowls with the finished product.

I started by heating up a teaspoon of canola oil in the bottom of the pan and sauteing some garlic, onions, miniature turnips and carrots. I then added water (you could add broth to up the flavor, but I didn't have any) and cooked the noodles into the soup. I added an egg for inexpensive and quick protein and whisked the soup to break up the egg as it cooked. I added the flavor packet and tossed in some greens that needed to be used.

Simple. Inexpensive. Delicious.


Mo Diva said...

that almost looks like Pho!

Carolyn Jung said...

I never met a noodle I didn't like. Good thing I never tried the Atkins diet. ;)


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