Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reporting on the Road: Crispy Green Bananas

I am on the road this week with my students in New York City. One of the hardest parts of traveling so much is trying to eat healthy while in transit. Fresh fruit tends to spoil and bruise which can get frustrating on a 5 hour flight!

Luckily I recently had the opportunity to acquire a couple of bags of Crispy Green freeze-dried fruits for my travels. When packing my carry-on, I tossed a bag of the Crispy Green Bananas into it next to my laptop and headphones.

I have been purchasing freeze-dried fruits for awhile. They are usually lower in calories than other dried fruits that contain oils or preservatives. Unfortunately, the flavors aren't usually as brilliant as the fresh options.

I can tell you that while the calories were lower and the Crispy Green product contains JUST BANANAS, the flavor of the fruit had not faded like so many other freeze-dried products. The texture is crisp and it doesn't leave that dull powdered flavor that similar products have left. The banana flavor is rich and lingers in my mouth after swallowing, something I appreciate in a fresh banana and was surprised to see how the flavor popped and lasted with this shelf-stable product.

It also travels conveniently well. The bag made it in my carry-on on a plane and through three means of public transportation before I got an opportunity to enjoy it. The individual serving package was easy to open and made a great on the go snack. I could see enjoying it in yogurt or cereal if you have the opportunity. But, for me it was a great way to get in a fruit serving without suffering the transportation bruising.

If you are a traveler, or just like to keep fruit in your desk at work, I would recommend checking out the Crispy Green bananas! And as my travels continue, I will let you know about more of the Crispy Green fruit products as well as other travel friendly healthy fare.

Nutritional Information: 55 calories, no fat, 2 grams of fiber, 1 gram of protein


Anonymous said...

I've never tried freeze dried fruit, but it sounds great!

Heather S-G said...

I don't think I've ever even seen (or maybe just haven't noticed) freeze dried fruit. I do love dried fruit though, so I'm gonna keep an eye out for these :)

Anonymous said...

Freeze dried fruits are excellent! Good find!

Anonymous said...

The calorie count is great, unlike that of those sugary dried bananas found in trail mixes.


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