Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Product Review: You Bar, Breakfast Bar

On my way to work every morning, I love to hit up Starbucks. Friends have told me that I have single-handedly kept this location in business. And they may be right. Between the $3 breakfast sandwiches and the $3-$4 fancy caffeinated beverages, I do drop a significant part of my paycheck there.

This morning I was running late, and the Starbucks parking lot was looking crowded. So I had to skip my morning caffination. Was I going to be stuck with teacher lounge coffee? Was I going to drag all day without the morning jump? And what about some solid food for my stomach?

All of these questions were weighing on my mind as I entered my classroom and plopped down my purse. I looked inside for my cell phone and next to it was the You Bar Breakfast Bar I had tossed in there just for this emergency (I told you I keep food in my purse!).

The bar itself is very sticky and should be kept in the package to eat. It looks like it could get messy otherwise. This sticky datey texture is due in large part to the ingredients in the bar as there were no nut butters or cereals to help the texture out. I unwrapped the bar carefully, using the wrapping as a mitt.

Before I go any further, I will say that this bar may not be for some people. If you don't like chocolate, coffee or dates, you should avoid this bar. That said.... I love all of those things. So keep that in mind with the upcoming rave.

The bar is sweet. Not super sugary sweet but a natural grainy sweet from the dates and the honey. There is an earthy quality both in texture and flavor from the coffee crystals, cocoa, cinnamon and dates that help keep the bar from being just a fruit leather. I would liken the bar to a cross between a thick fruit leather and the filling for a powerbar (or at least what I can remember of powerbars). The texture and appearance were probably the lesser appealing aspects of the bar. However, the flavor and nutritional punch made it something I would definitely purchase in bulk. And halfway through the bar, the texture was no longer a concern. Paired with a glass of water, the You Bar Breakfast Bar was a filling and uplifting breakfast that will become a staple in my household. Did I mention it is only 2 points a bar?!?!? And when you buy the box of 13 it is only $2.49 a bar... much cheaper than my Starbucks habit (and much better for me as well).

Ingredients: Dates, Egg White Protein, Honey, Cocoa, Coffee Crystals, Cinnamon

Nutritional Information: 150 calories, 1 gram of fat, 4 grams of fiber, 8 grams of protein

Don't forget to check out your opportunity to try a You Bar out for yourself! I am giving two custom bars away to readers!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds good - love the breakfast bars!


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